UEFA: Marcelo Set To Leave Real Madrid.

Vice Captain of Real madrid, Marcelo has stated that he is ready to leave the club if his services are not needed anymore.

He made mention of this ahead of Real Madrid’s Champions League round of 16 first leg tie with Ajax on Tuesday night.

He said: “If I am on the list of players Madrid want to sell, then they can pay me up and all is sorted,” Marcelo told Esporte Interativo.

“I trust in myself, in my work, but if a day comes when Real Madrid do not want me, I’ll go. I will be sad, but I’ll go. But I am sure I will not be kicked out.

“The level I have been showing is difficult to always maintain,” Marcelo said, and added that: “I am a little below that level at the moment, but my career has been like that, some little dips, and unfortunately this season I had three injuries in two months.

“I went through a difficult period in my career and within the club, but that phase is over now, I need to play to get back to my usual form and confidence.

“But I feel good now, physically good, I am training strongly. I need to play to get back my confidence, but physically I am good.”

Marcelo who have only played 12 games for Real Madrid in the La Liga, is so far experiencing a disappointing season for Santiogo Solari’s side.