Nigerian Senate Approves N30,000 as Minimum wage.

The Nigerian Senate has approved an amount of N30,000 as the new national minimum across all state in the country.

This is coming after the submission  of the ad give committee on a new minimum wage chaired by Senator Francis Alimikhena on Tuesday 19th of March,  2019.

The upper chamber then told the Federal government of Nigeria to submit a supplementary budget to cover the consideration and approval of the new wage structure.

After the process of passing the new minimum wage bill into law, the Nigerian Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki has this to say:
''Let me join our colleagues to commend the efforts of the committee. More importantly, let me commend the patience of Nigerian workers and the leadership of the Labour Union, who have over the years been calling for this minimum wage and have carried their efforts responsibly.  
I want to commend the leaders of the organisations of the union. Let me also state that as government, we should ensure that at times like these, we should not wait for there to be strikes to do what is truly deserving for our workers. I hope that with this minimum wage our workers will double their efforts to increase their productivity, so that we can also improve the general productivity of the country. It is my hope that the implementation of this will start immediately', he concluded.